Sunday, 20 September 2009

eTourism BlogoScope - a name change for my blog

I have altered the name of my eTourism blog from "eTourism for You" to "eTourism BlogoScope". The sub-title runs "News - Trends - Analyses - Opinions - Solutions - Recommendations: eTourism Put Into Context" and indicates onto what topics and content I will focus.

You might ask yourself: "What the heck is a BlogoScope?" To be honest, I am not even sure whether this notion is common or not - but it sounds cool! :-)) Have you ever come across this term?

Analogous to a microscope which is used to illuminate and magnify a subject so that it can be seen clearer and in more detail, the aim of my eTourism BlogoScope is to shed light on trends, developments and innovations in the fields of eTourism and eMarketing.

I think this honourable intention is expressed very well with the term BlogoScope. What do you think?

Keep returning and check for new postings and feel free to leave your comments or questions!

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